Registration Instructions for the Digital Literature Hackathon – Registration is open until 8th April 2021

The Digital Literature Hackathon is organized virtually on 16th to 18th April 2021. Read more about the weekend here. The registration page you can find here. The registration to the event is open on 1.3.-8.4.2021. The amount of participants is 70 and the places will be filled chronologically.

Hackathon is a fast-speed design event and the word is usually used in the IT world. In the Digital Literature Hackathon, that combines writing and technology, the focus is on creativity, forming functional collaborations and actualizing abstract ideas. All interested in creating works of digital literature are welcome to join: writers, programmers, artists, graphic designers, literature professionals and students of these and other fields.

Instructions for registration and information about participating

  • The event is free of charge
  • On the registration page we will ask you about your profession / study area and wishes for the weekend. Note that the list of professions does not mean that you need to be a professional in specifically these fields. You can also answer about your skills freely. The information is used for planning the idea dates of the Hackathon.
  • For participating the event, you do not need any special experience in working with digital literature. However, if you want, you can tell about your experience or skills in the field of your profession. You can also tell if you are a student. The collaborative way of working enables that you can collaborate both creatively and technically, which means that you do not need to know everything about creating digital literature.
  • You can join the weekend alone and find your group during the weekend. You can also join with a group, if you already have one. On the registration form you can tell more about your group. You can also tell, if there is extra space in your group, for instance for someone in a specific field.
  • You can participate to the Hackathon with a ready-made idea, if you happen to have one. You can tell about your idea on the registration form, if you want. Do note, that the style of working is collaborative and be ready to be flexible with your idea.
  • You do not need to prepare for the weekend, but if you want, you can scroll the possibilities of digital literature for instance through Nokturno, a website for digital poetry.
  • The languages of the event are English and Finnish. The language of the artworks is free.
  • You can join the Hackathon from anywhere and being live in a specific city is not required. Note that the event timetable is in Eastern European time, UTC +2 (summer time).
  • We follow the safe space guidelines during the event.
  • After the registration time (8.4.) there will be an info letter and instructions for participating sent to the participators.
  • If needed, you can cancel your registration. It is important to remember to cancel it, so that the next one in queue gets the chance to join the event.

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9.3.2021 A technical problem on the registration page fixed.

Contact and questions:

Project Coordinator
Elina Sallinen

tel. +358 44 307 4652