The Digital Literature Hackathon on 16th to 18th April 2021 – registration now open!

The Digital Literature Project organizes a Digital Literature Hackathon on 16th to 18th April 2021 for writers, programmers, artists, graphic designers, technicians, literature professionals, students and others interested in creating new works of digital literature. The registration is open from 1st March to 8th April 2021. You can register to the event here. The registration instructions you will find here. The event is free of charge.

During the event new concepts for works of digital literature will be created. Digital literature can include for instance interactive literature, hypertexts, sound art and film art, kinetic poetry, text generators and reading in virtual reality. The hackathon aims to enhance networking and developing new ways of collaboration in the wide field of digital literature and digital art.

In the three days long webinar there will be concept making in multidisciplinary groups, networking and idea dates. Both creative and technical support are provided during the idea workshops. There will also be a list of virtual working platforms and a reading bank that the groups can use freely. The languages of the Hackathon are English and Finnish. The virtual and multilingual environment enables participating to the event anywhere.

There will be a three-person jury in the hackathon, that consists of director Mika Taanila, producer of Aalto Studios at Aalto University Hetta Huhtamäki and poet-scholar Matti Kangaskoski. The jury chooses five of the new concepts introduced in the Hackathon to be further developed in a workshop phase. The list of the chosen projects will be published after the hackathon, during week 16.

From May to July 2021 there will be a workshop phase during which the developing and realizing of the five projects continues with the help of mentors and both economical and productional support by the Digital Literature Project.

The completed works will be introduced in the Night of Digital Literature in Cinema Orion in Helsinki the 19th August, as a part of Poetry Moon festival organized by Nuoren Voiman Liitto.

The Digital Literature Project is a cooperation project organized by literary society Nuoren Voiman LiittoELKE ryAalto StudiosThe Master’s Programme in Writing at University of Arts and Nokturno, a website for digital and experimental literature. The project is supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation’s Uusimaa Regional Fund and The Promotion Center for Audiovisual Culture, AVEK. 
Project Coordinator  
Elina Sallinen  
tel. +358 44 307 4652