Lauri Hei, Labyrinth (2020)

The jury has chosen five concepts created during the Digital Literature Hackathon to further development

The Digital Literature Hackathon on 16th to 18th April 2021 was filled with creativity, concept making and getting to know each other. The jury, that consists of poet-scholar Matti Kangaskoski, director Mika Taanila and producer of the Aalto Studios Hetta Huhtamäki, has, of the 11 concepts presented during the weekend, chosen five to further development. The actualized five artworks will be presented in the Night of Digital Literature on 19th August 2021 in Cinema Orion, Helsinki as a part of the Poetry Moon -festival. On the Digital Literature Projects behalf, we want to thank all participants of the Digital Literature Hackathon. You can read the jurys decision below.

Registration Instructions for the Digital Literature Hackathon – Registration is open until 8th April 2021

Hackathon is a fast-speed design event and the word is usually used in the IT world. In the Digital Literature Hackathon, that combines writing and technology, the focus is on creativity, forming functional collaborations and actualizing abstract ideas. All interested in creating works of digital literature are welcome to join: writers, programmers, artists, graphic designers, literature professionals and students of these and other fields.

The Digital Literature Hackathon on 16th to 18th April 2021 – registration now open!

The Digital Literature Project organizes a Digital Literature Hackathon on 16th to 18th April 2021 for writers, programmers, artists, technicians and others interested in creating new works of digital literature. The registration is open from 1st March to 8th April 2021. During the event new concepts for works of digital literature will be created. Digital literature can include for instance interactive literature, hypertexts, sound art and film art, kinetic poetry, text generators and reading in virtual reality. The hackathon aims to enhance networking and developing new ways of collaboration in the wide field of digital literature and digital art. In the three days long webinar there will be concept making in multidisciplinary groups, networking and idea dates. The languages of the Hackathon are English and Finnish. The virtual and multilingual environment enables participating to the event anywhere.

The Spaces of Immersion and Kinetic Fixing – How the Text Immerses the Reader

Space: imagine the internet as a three-dimensional space that we look into through our small computer terminals. A space that is reflected on the screen as surface: the tiny black imprints and the light oases. Imagine that there’s also something in-between, as there are atoms bonding with each other in-between molecules, as there are atomic nucleus and the electrons in-between. A hollow, crackly space. It is not strange, that you can move there. And it is not strange that green audio visual trees grow there and that the branches touch each other.

The Digital Literature Project starts – the virtual events introduce digital literature to audience and enhance new digital works

During the Digital Literature Project offers events such as an open webinar for general audience and a Digital Literature Hackathon for those interested in creating new works of digital literature. The project aims to increase knowledge about digital literature and to support creation of new works of art.